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"I've been living with asthma all my life and rarely slept through the night without feeling a certain degree of discomfort or difficulty breathing. Lately, I've been sleeping like a baby and waking up refreshed. Thanks, Hygienitech."


M. Dunlap, FL


"I used to run to the medicine cabinet first thing in the morning to get my eye drops. I thought it was something I had to live with. What I didn't know is that it was something I could live without. Hygienitech opened my eyes."


L. Henderson, FL


"We are pleased to let you and your other customers know that since you treated the rooms of some of our residents who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma in November, they say they have been feeling better, particularly in the mornings. Also, treating the mattress in the manager's house has made the living in there more comfortable and reduced my frequent hay fever attacks."


P. Sutinen, FL


"I thought that the more money I spent on a mattress, the better I'd sleep. It wasn't until I had my mattress cleaned that I really knew what a good night sleep meant. I wake up rested, and ready to take on the day, even before my first cup of coffee."


C. LaPointe, FL


"I have always dreaded hay fever season, since my allergies go from mild to unbearable. But after having my mattress serviced, hay fever season is walk in the park compared to what I used to experience every day. Thanks to the Hygienitech service, I don't have to take allergy medicine during the hay fever season. Thank you!"


B. Copper, FL


"We have had our motel's mattresses cleaned by Hygienitech for the past year and have had nothing but compliments from our guests. They are always coming to us and saying what a great night's sleep they have gotten with us and asking what types of mattresses we use. After telling them our mattresses are nothing different than what they may have at home, we tell them the difference is Hygienitech. Our guests return time after time and won't stay anywhere else in town. Thank you for helping our business."


C. Johnson, FL

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