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Stuffy nose

Are You At Risk?

The health risks associated with the presence of dust mites are heavily related to sinus problems. If you are ever experiencing any of the following symptoms, call us right away to get rid of the problem right at the source!


•  Itchy skin and skin irritations including bumps and rashes

•  Stuffy nose, long bouts of sneezing

•  Puffy, irritated eyes

•  Swollen eyelids

•  Tightness in chest

•  Coughing and wheezing

•  Sinus headaches

•  Scratchy voice

•  Feeling of lethargy or depression


If the cause is eliminated, the symptoms will disappear. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Dust mites produce guanine, which is a combination of mite droppings and saliva. All the latest medical evidence points to this as a dominant cause of most allergies and sinus related symptoms. Why suffer with these symptoms when you could have our professionals remove these harmful mites once and for all.

Avoid The Harmful Side Effects Of Dust Mites

No dust mite No dust mite